Wall-Plate Services & Implementation Project

What is "Wall-Plate Service?"

UFIT/Network Services is responsible for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of the core network on the University of Florida campus. Core network services are funded centrally and provided to all campus units at no charge.

Core network services include:

  • Core electronics that connect buildings to each other
  • Building Point of Presence (B-POP) electronics that link building to the core
  • Fiber optic cable, copper wire, conduits, and pathways between buildings
  • Wireless Access for outdoor spaces campus wide
  • Access to the Internet and Internet II

Colleges, departments, and administrative units are responsible for providing local network connections within their buildings. As an alternative to "do-it-yourself," CNS began offering Network Services to the Wall-Plate for a monthly fee.

Standard Wall-Plate services include:

  • Life-cycle replacement of switches on a 5-year schedule. No big up-front investment. Only enterprise class switches deployed within the network.
  • Switch maintenance including security updates, IOS updates, and special configurations.
  • Upgrades and design changes to the network as needed.
  • End-to-end monitoring and management of network performance, with early detection of problems and timely response.
  • Seamless troubleshooting of network problems, end-to-end. No finger-pointing.
  • Support for the existing cable infrastructure. Note -- does not include new installations.
  • Basic wireless services in all major areas of the wall-plate buildings
  • Availability of VoIP phone services and end-to-end I-Phone support

What is the Wall-Plate Project?

Network Services now manages 80% of the local networks on the main campus (42,000 of 50,000 ports). On July 1, 2007, UF began centralizing support for data networks across the UF main campus. This OIT sponsored, centrally funded, strategic technology initiative is known as the Wall-plate Project.

As announced , most academic and administrative units on the main campus are included in the Wall-Plate project. Externally funded auxiliary operations are not eligible. Housing, Shands, and the Health Sciences Center networks are self-supporting and not covered by the central funding.

The project will proceed building-by-building across campus. To determin where your building(s) fit in the year-by-year schedule, please check with the UF Service Desk.

Shortly before work in a building begins, all units that occupy the building will be asked to "opt-in" to the Wall-Plate Service, and select their desired service level as well as any additional services such as VoIP, Lenel systems, and so on.


The Wall-Plate project budget is $1,500,000 per year.

  • $1,000,000 for network equipment and infrastructure upgrades
  • $500,000 for installation and maintenance support staff
Equipment upgrades include the data networking devices that reside within a building, such as workgroup switches, wireless access points, and at least one Building-Point-of-Presence (BPOP).

Infrastructure upgrades include the telecom closets, the racks and patch panels in the closets, minor improvements to the wiring within a building, and additional fiber to the building as needed.

The $1,500,000 per year provides a "steady-state" funding and staffing level. Enough to upgrade (replace) 6,000 ports per year. 30,000 ports total, over a 5-year lifecycle.