Xerox Print Smart Program

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The Xerox Print Smart Program is a campus wide initiative to streamline printing costs and to simplify billing into one invoice. Xerox is preforming analysis of current printing needs using an XDM sever. Based on this analysis, Xerox will work with local IT in determining/recommending new Xerox printers to replace existing printers. Even though all departments and colleges are scoped for assessment, not all will be required to participate in the program.

Each printer, whether new or existing, will be registered by MAC address and will be issued a new DHCP reserved IP address. Each printer's network connection will be moved to the designated MFD VLAN to make the new IP address active. A new DNS name will be issued to this IP address. If you want to continue to use whatever name the printer had previously, just make sure to request it when talking to Xerox.

If your department has a print server you will still need to maintain it as no centralized print server is in place at this time.

Please note that this program is for UF Departments only. UF Health / HSC will be implementing their own program.

For more information or questions, please, contact Network Services: (352) 392-2061