University of Florida Network Services Interoperability Lab

Contact Information

The lab is physically located in 201 SSRB (Space Sciences Research Building).

Packages may be shipped to either Chris Griffin, or Sheridan Rudolph at the following address:
Network Services
112 SSRB
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Our phone number is (352) 392-2061. SSRB is also known as Bryant Hall.

Directions from:

Hotel Information (in order of convenience)

Lab Information

When visiting the lab, you'll want to bring a laptop and either an Ethernet or 802.11b wireless card.

Maps and Parking

There is a campus map available online at

When you arrive, it is highly recommended that you visit the University Police Department to obtain a campus parking permit.

Please note that parking at UF can be a very tumultuous experience, particularly during the Fall football season. It may be to your benefit to either carpool or seek alternate parking. There is a pay lot located directly behind the Goerings Book Store on NW 2nd Avenue, which is walking distance from the lab.

If you have any additional questions, please email