DHCP IP Network Number Distribution

Approved by ITAC-NI 06/20/02

To support the use and growth of mobile computing at the University of Florida it is recommended that network mangers provide Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) support on their networks that support mobile computing users and instruct their users in configuring their mobile computing devices to use DHCP.

DHCP is used to enable individual computers on an IP network to retreive configuration information from a server (the 'DHCP server'). Retreiving such information using DHCP (rather than using a static configuration) makes it easier to move a machine from one network location to another because the computer's user does not need to make any system changes to accommodate the move.

Since DHCP can be used to provide Internet service to machines that cannot be identified and may belong to unknown users, it introduces a network security risk. For this reason, internet access can be provided only to DHCP client machines that either can be identified by MAC address, or whose user can be identified by GatorLink authentication.

Departments can set up their own DHCP servers or can request DHCP service by calling Network Services at 392-2061. Faculty and staff can receive help configuring their mobile computing devices from the UF Helpdesk or by calling 392-HELP. Faculty and staff at the Health Science Center should call Health Net at 392-6050.